Lead Developer – Melotrees

“Melotrees” is an installation made with Unity, to make music without knowledge of the music creation. The Kinect detect movement of the player, to put some fruits in the tree to make music.

Project framework

That was my last project of my two-year technical degree. We make it in two years, we start at 8 people, but we finish at 4. This video is a live for our milestone, with a presention of our project and how we make it.

My work in the project

In this project I was responsible for all technical constraints. I made a 3D example of the placement of the installation to respect constraint due to the distance of detection of a Kinect, the precision of movement detection and the sound quality.

In this project I work with a Programmer/Artist , to make the installation and two web sites to present the project and the group.


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